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Our Business

At Wavemaker, our mission is to 'make the future'. Why? Because we were created with the specific purpose of reinventing the media agency.
This puts us in the unique position of truly being able to deliver next-generation solutions for our clients' challenges. From solving a content issue for the world's most successful original content creator, in Netflix; optimizing performance investments for Vodafone to make them work harder with brand activity; creating a single view of the customer for British Airways by integrating their many data sets; to providing e-commerce consultancy for Tiffany, helping them to devise the right strategies within the luxury sector. And we’ve redesigned General Electric's website architecture to ensure it more efficiently drives action and outcomes.

Our 8600 people do this every day, across 90 countries worldwide, either locally or via one of our 12 multi-market hubs.

What does reinvention look like? For us it's best demonstrated in three ways: Grow. Create. Care.

The future is made by those who grow.
Our goal is simple – to help brands grow. Our method is unique – we use our Purchase Journey prowess to spot problems and opportunities, and turn both into growth with our leading-edge solutions at the intersection of media, content and technology.

The future is made by those who create.
Not in the old way, but the left-and-right brain way of science and imagination. Our new breed of media demands the whole package. So we are building a new kind of global culture that loves difference and embraces talent of every kind.

The future is made by those who care.
We care about making a difference to our work and our world. So we bring passion, purpose and that extra something to everything we do. We want the best, so we work with the best, inside and outside our company.

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Our offer
In 2018, Wavemaker was born as MEC and Maxus joined forces to form a new agency. Not just a super-sized media shop (ours was the biggest-ever merger in media) but a new breed of global agency delivering world-class solutions through media, content and technology.

The launch was a chance for us to build an agency free from legacy structures and models, an agency with the right talent mix, set-up and speed to help clients find growth in a tough environment. We knew that our global expertise in media strategy, planning and investment was hugely valuable to clients, but that by integrating it with new skills, we could do a bigger and better job for these clients.

So, we built out from media into new areas. Not areas unconnected to our media expertise – but areas in which we would succeed precisely because of that expertise.
We are able to provide solutions for the full spectrum of marketing challenges and the entire purchase journey.
These include, but are not limited to; integrated communications and media planning and buying; activation; strategic consulting; trading and investment management; analytics, insight and data management; social; content creation and distribution; mobile marketing; search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO); performance media; programmatic trading; sport, entertainment and cause marketing.

We are an agency of connected specialists and our 2,900 digital and data experts in e-commerce, mobile, social, search and programmatic are augmented by the skills of the 2,500 experts in our Analytics and Insight (A&I) division. This team are market-leading in spanning consumer insight, channel optimisation, predictive analytics, econometric modelling, software development, dashboarding, reporting and data visualisation. On top of this, we have in-house econometric and media-mix modelling capabilities and have access to WPP and GroupM's unrivalled suite of proprietary syndicated tools and systems, including [m]PLATFORM. We are designed to answer a greater share of your toughest business problems.
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Purchase Journey Obsessed
We have one obsession, purchase journeys. Understanding how and why consumers make decisions about the brands and services they buy and the influence of different touchpoints on those decisions. Why does someone think they might buy a car from Audi then end up buying one from BMW? In our model, the purchase journey has four stages.

Priming Stage. This is everyday life. During this stage people are subconsciously forming opinions and biases towards different brands and products but might have no intention or need for those brands, products or services.

Trigger Stage: This is when an event happens in someone's life that means they now need one of those brands, products or services that they have been forming subconscious opinions of. Those subconscious opinions become biases that could influence behaviour now, in market. From our research we know that only 50% of people actually buy the brand they thought they would buy when they were triggered into market.

And that's because of what happens when people are in the Active Stage. What happens when someone is actively researching a brand or product? What's distribution and availability like? What are the reviews saying and how well are they performing in the search action.

Finally there's a Purchase. By the end of 2018, we will have analysed over 500,000 different purchase journeys, more than any other company in the world. The first thing people do having bought something is check and get reassurances that they haven't bought the wrong thing.
Today this means understanding how and where decisions are made along your purchase journey
At each stage we have a better understanding of how your brand and your competitors perform than any other organisation on earth. We know this because we have the world's largest database on how people make purchase decisions called WM Momentum.

It allows us to quantify your specific purchase journeys in minute details. Thanks to the scale we've analysed over 500,000 purchase journeys across 72 categories and 35 countries. Most data sources on consumer behaviour, attitudes and media are unconnected. WM Momentum connects them, showing the relationship between what people think and what they do.

Connected to your data, platforms and channels
Customized in-depth survey covering +200 attributes
500,000 Journeys, 72 Categories, 35 Countries
World's largest database on how people make purchase decisions
But this isn't just theory.
Uniquely, Wavemaker can now take this purchase journey insight and activate against it directly at a personal level, for the first time bridging the gap between precise insights and segmentations and activation. We can speak to specific individuals by where they are on the purchase journey, all thanks to [m]PLATFORM.

And this matters because it means that data needed for your insights is robust and activity can be activated at scale. This unrivalled level of purchase journey intelligence allows us to precisely diagnose where your key growth opportunities and audiences are, giving clarity to where the focus of your marketing investment should be.