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Rennovative Test Drives

In an environment of rapidly-changing consumer expectations and trends, we designed an instant new way to book a test drive, that drove brand scores through the roof in this tech-smart, creative campaign.




Through our Purchase Journey approach, we knew that the test drive was the final, crucial step to triggering sales in the automotive category, so we made it the main KPI of our communication strategies for Renault. That way we knew whatever we did would create meaningful results.  

But in Turkey, the key barrier to taking a test drive is a lack of time. With the constraints of modern life and people working longer hours, fewer people are able to spare enough time for the experience.  With increasing numbers of people not booking, or not turning up to their appointments, we needed to find a way to increase the number of test drives taken while at the same time building brand visibility and equity as well as driving differentiation from competitors. 

According to OECD, 43.3% of employees work more than 50 hours per week on average in Turkey. Unfortunately, Turkey ranks highest across the world.

Imagine you’re in market for a Megane Sedan, and you’d like to take a test drive. But between work and other responsibilities, your free time is limited. People prefer to watch a test drive video, instead of testing it physically (there is an average of 1m views for a test drive video on YouTube).  So how could we make taking a real test drive as easy as watching a video of one? Our idea was delivering instant test drives.


We thought: what if you could get test drives delivered to your door as quickly as some groceries?  So we partnered with Getir, an on-demand mobile delivery application- to create the world’s fastest and most convenient test drive experience ever.

The main target audience are mostly white collar office workers. Digging the data we found that they needed to wait an average of 4.5 days to get a test drive confirmed and consequently had to adjust their very tight schedules. This was resulting in a 38% loss in all Megane Sedan test drive applications in 2017. 

The audience would now find Renault Test Drive integrated into Getir’s categories. Potential buyers simply clicked on the Megane Sedan category in the Getir mobile app (which has a whitecollar audience weight of 41%) and a test drive was delivered to their door, at any time, to anywhere in İstanbul, in just 10 minutes.

All the user needed to do was to tap on to the Megane Sedan category on the Getir mobile application and experience the actual test drive. 

30 cars and drivers were allocated within Istanbul’s major locations. In order to maximize the performance, the location of the cars were changed in real-time if there was a low number of test-drive applications in certain points.

In order to monitor the progress in real-time, we started our partnership with a 3 day teaser period and a launch period. In the teaser period, we had no media investments. On the day of launch, real-time content follow-up was held in order to make necessary optimizations on social media, search strategy and test drives. After the launch, automobile influencers also experienced real-time test drives in order to increase buzz and this was shared through social media to enhance the reach of the campaign.


  • On launch day, the test drives were trending on social media organically within the first 20 minutes, with a reach of over 6 million.
  • By the third day of activation, we'd realised 100 test drives, all with no actual media investment.
  • We also gained extensive PR coverage, leading to a 161% increase in positive brand perception for Renault.
  • In a 30 day period, almost 600 test drives were taken, and we drove business KPIs ten times higher than expected.



This campaign has won multiple awards at MIXX, MARTECH, Social Media Awards Turkey, Direct Marketing Association Turkey, MMA Smarties and EFFIES.