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America's Navy: Forged by the Sea

We got the U.S. Navy to dive into influencer marketing with a campaign that saw consideration to join lift by 18%




America's Navy's recruiting mission is to inform, attract, influence and hire the highest quality candidates from the diverse talent pool in the U.S. Faced with a declining veteran population and shrinking military footprint, along with increased competition in the private sector and higher education, the Navy has its job cut out to ensure it maintains and recruits the number of sailors needed to serve and protect the nation.


Google tools revealed the top queries of those searching for the Navy were around College, Medical School and Education. With 60% choosing career before college, our audience needed to understand how the Navy could help them learn and grow, and do so in the face of increased media fragmentation and shorter attention spans. 


We worked to launch the new Navy brand platform “Power to Go Beyond”, taking a full funnel, digital-first approach to building reach and frequency; encouraging discovery and leveraging audience insights to engage in environments that aligned with our core audience’s interest.  

This included:

• A new YouTube content series, ‘Faces of the Fleet’, to tell a visually appealing story of real sailors and their diverse lifestyles and careers in the Navy 

• 'Ratings’ videos (jobs within the Navy) showing what being part of the Navy meant 

• “Sea Stories”, a podcast series featuring emotional interviews with current and retired Navy sailors, to bridge the gap to those with no direct Navy ties 

Building a library of 100+ content assets within the first year, each piece of content was targeted to an individual’s passions, and sequenced so prospects saw a variety of different career opportunities. Cut downs of the long form helped to seed our audience and build their excitement for the full-length videos. Paid Search, Paid Social, Affiliate Marketing/Job Sites and Pre-Roll/Display was used to drive awareness and lead generation, this included affinity messaging for specific interests as well as messaging to reach those who exhibit characteristics that aligned with specific careers in the Navy.


• Related keyword weekly impressions increased 44-56%

• CTR increased 18%

• Navy lead form completions increased between 88-200%

• Overall consideration lifter +18%

Consideration to join the Navy lifted