MEC Global and Maxus Global become Wavemaker

MEC Global and Maxus Global become Wavemaker


In June 2017, GroupM announced it was merging two of its leading media agency networks, MEC and Maxus, to form a new billion-dollar revenue media, content, and technology agency.

Since then we have been working hard to develop this forward-facing agency, a network of future makers with the talent and drive to lead the industry into new territory and create ground-breaking work for our clients.

Maxus Global and MEC Global had long shared a wealth of similarities. Both were committed to helping clients navigate the ever-changing media landscape and both share many important ambitions and values for their people, as well as a common entrepreneurial spirit.

The MEC global agency has long taken a no-limits approach to business, pushing for passion, imagination, and wonder. They encourage their staff to thrive in everything they do, and are committed to growth for their people, clients, and the industry beyond their media agency.

Similarly, the Maxus global network has developed a culture of ‘Leading change’. Embracing technology and innovation and challenging clients to move forward, whilst providing solutions that are simple and creative that will bring a tangible benefit to the business.

GroupM is dedicated to providing better value for their clients, to enable them to deliver commercial messages to consumers effectively and efficiently. The move to Wavemaker is part of this mission.


What makes Wavemaker different?

Wavemaker draws on the best of both agencies, creating a brand new business that has the capability and the drive to be best in class across the board.

The agency is bound by our purchase journey obsession, which drives everything we do. Utilising the power of GroupM’s data resource [m]Platform as well as the wealth of creative talent from across both agencies, we will focus on the future of our industry; moving from a media agency to a media, content and technology agency.

Like both of the agencies we were built from, our people are encouraged to become the best versions of themselves, and share the values we refer to as PACED; Passionate, Agile, Collaborative, Entrepreneurial and Diverse.