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Belgian Moon: Artfully Crafted


Molson Coors Beverage Company



Positive Provocation

Belgian Moon stopped making beer ads and started creating art, encouraging Canadians to bring Belgian Moon home to elevate their everyday lives.


2020 was a difficult year. 

For Belgian Moon, a premium beer with a pour-to-glass ritual that has lent itself to on-premise consumption, they had to quickly adapt. 

Canadian cities shut down their main sales locations – pubs and bars – in March 2020 due to COVID-19.  Inevitably, Belgian Moon’s sales began to drop. By June, on-premise sales had decreased 57% versus the previous year. 

The brand realised they had an opportunity to drive retail sales and at-home consumption.  

Knowing that the product was about the beauty of the pour, how could Belgian Moon help encourage people to bring the brand into their homes? 


Given Belgian Moon’s crafted roots and ties to the artistic community, there was an opportunity to celebrate both Canadian art and the artful nature of Belgian Moon.

Knowing that visual arts can reduce stress and help people through difficult times, we aimed to connect Belgian Moon with beautiful art at every touchpoint. We could then elevate the parts of peoples lives that Belgian Moon appears in – the ads that they see. 

Because beers always need to differentiate themselves from other beers for saliency, Belgian Moon thought that this could improve recall for beer purchasers when deciding on drinks for at-home consumption. 


Artfully Crafted ensured every impression became an art impression. 

Four Canadian artists created custom visuals that blended their style, the brand, and a regional focus. Their art was used across OOH, video, digital banners, immersive carousel units and a full screen WeTransfer takeover. This allowed the brand to tell an artful story showcasing Artfully Crafted visuals and deepening the connection to the brand.

The Belgian Moon Experience at Stackt marketplace in Toronto’s art scene created a socially distanced interactive art installation. Consumers could download their favourite artwork and take home Artfully Crafted Belgian Moon beer glasses to upgrade their at-home drinking experience of Belgian Moon. 


Every single impression featured one of the four unique Canadian pieces of art. Belgian Moon ultimately elevated people’s everyday and enabled consumers to enjoy Belgian Moon in their homes.

Our client Sarah Robson said, “Belgian Moon’s Artfully Crafted campaign was extremely impactful and achieved a true through-the-line approach. The campaign was bright, optimistic and celebratory, just like the beer itself.” 

increase in retail sales vs. previous year
art impressions delivered across Canada

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