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Gift Catalogue


World Vision



Positive Provocation

Wavemaker helped World Vision bring their holiday gift catalogue awareness to life, which was built for customizable charitable donations. We utilized Ecommerce platforms where busy holiday shoppers were already shopping for their gifts, seamlessly integrating the message to donate, in relevant moments.


World Vision Canada does incredible work globally but is losing ‘relevance’. They have a legacy relationship with an aging base of donors and are now starting to see less and less subscription for sponsorship donations, as consumers are looking to single-shot payments with less ongoing commitment.


There was a lack of awareness that World Vision helps with a wide range of serious issues across the globe, including domestically in Canada, in addition to the highly visible (and greatly needed) African child sponsorship.

The solution was to personalize communication with examples of World Vision’s many contributions both overseas and locally. By raising awareness of a multitude of causes, we allowed for more entry points to donate and unique ways to engage according to personal preferences.


In addition to awareness media we used digital signals to highlight options to purchase items through a ‘gift catalogue’ in natural Ecommerce environments, such as Amazon.

We intercepted potential donors as their digital wallets were being opened for the holiday season. Search keyword strategies took a step outside the typical donation comfort zone to look for new combinations of search copy and links to drive engagement.

We identified audience segments that felt they needed a physical return on an investment to feel comfortable, so highlighted products created in local communities that they could purchase.

The campaign was optimized throughout, building upon benchmarks from previous years, and evolving strategies on contextual, behavioural, and retargeting measures. Segmentation and targeting for Amazon shoppers provided “recommended products” based on user data, with dynamic messaging driving conversions.


The results were strong, in a year not necessarily predicted to see great gains given consumer confidence and predicted holiday spending.

During the holiday period there were over 13,000 individual donations as a direct result of our media activity. We also saw that the quality of leads we were producing was high, leading to over 500 child sponsorship subscriptions.

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