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Positive Provocation

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kruger and Wavemaker launched a national goodwill mission versus a typical ad campaign to encourage Canadians to ‘roll forward’ patience, kindness, calmness… and bathroom tissue… to their fellow citizens. ​


When COVID-19 hit, people began panic-buying paper products such as bathroom tissue. The category and the internet were flooded with memes and images of empty paper aisles. ​

In their hysteria people were acting in a distinctly un-Canadian way: taking more than they needed and neglecting to look out for their neighbours and communities. ​

In this stressful time, people shouldn’t have to worry about running out of bathroom tissue. As a manufacturer, Kruger knew shelves would be restocked very soon. How could they reassure the Canadian public to keep calm and carry on?


Seeing the panic and chaos in grocery stores, Kruger used their media spotlight as an opportunity to remind Canadians of our collective values: to share and look out for one another, especially as product supplies initially ran low. ​

​​Kruger knew that the factories were running  constantly, so had to let Canadians know there would be plenty of bathroom tissue to go around for everyone.  ​

With the ad budget reduced due to product sales spiking, our strategy became #RollingItForward, with Kruger offering tangible help to Canada’s essential workers and organizations, seeding this activity in media channels, and encouraging Canadians to look out for one another. ​


#RollingItForward began with Kruger asking Canadians to share their bathroom tissue until shelves could be restocked.

Kruger donated product to frontline workers and institutions across Canada, and the message of sharing was amplified by engaging professional Canadian ice hockey players to demonstrate an act of sharing whilst encouraging others to do the same.

Media outlets picked up on the altruism and national TV shows such as e-Talk and Breakfast Television shared the message to their viewers.  Popular Canadian sports TV personalities heard about the campaign and continued the organic megaphone.

Rolling It Forward had created a snowball effect.


A sizable portion of the ad budget was diverted to support Canadian hospitals, food banks and essential workers in the form of cash and product donations.

Social content seeding by NHL players resonated with Canadians who shared the message organically.

Kruger connected emotionally with many Canadians

and they eagerly shared how they were #RollingItForward on social, with bathroom tissue

door drops suddenly becoming a sharable moment.

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