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Caltex Powers a World Record

Racing up a mountain and winning a Guinness World Record – in a 28 year old car? Our content partnership showed the world that with Caltex, this is a smooth ride! 




Within the Asian market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture people’s attention and highlight the benefits of using Caltex fuels with their unbeatable cleaning power of Techron®, Vs competitive brands. We needed to find a solution that would bring to life the product’s unique qualities, and prove beyond doubt that Caltex was the best fuel out there for those passionate about driving.


Together with VMLY&R Singapore, we partnered Chevron with Guinness World Records™ and National Geographic to show the world that Caltex is THE fuel that breaks records. Our campaign kicked off with a Guinness World Records™ attempt in Chiang Rai, Thailand, to be the fastest drive up Doi Chang Mountain road by car. Not only did Caltex set the record under stringent rules and regulations by official Guinness World Records™ adjudication, but it was done so in a 28 year old ordinary, everyday car to showcase the true power of Caltex with Techron®. Driven by professional female race driver Natasha Chang, the exciting, nail-biting, seemingly impossible feat was showcased by National Geographic, through a branded content series titled “Record Rides”. Distribution of the series spanned across six key markets across the FNG network, and was further amplified across offline and online platforms in each market. Anticipation for the record was built in a pre-launch phase, followed through with a synchronised launch across all markets breaking the announcement, and the campaign will continue to air to sustain buzz and momentum around the achievement.


Caltex entered the record books with the ‘Fastest Ascent up Doi Chang Mountain Road by Car’.


“It is becoming increasingly difficult to capture attention and highlight the benefits of using Caltex fuels with the unbeatable cleaning power of Techron® to the motorists. The use of technology, stunning visuals, and informative videos opened up a new dimension that allowed us to communicate our message to the motorists effectively.” Brian Fisher, Caltex Brand Manager