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collage of Wavemaker employees
At Wavemaker, our mission is to 'make the future'​. Why? Because we were created to reinvent the media agency. This puts us in the unique position of truly being able to deliver next-generation solutions for our clients'​ challenges. Challenges such as; ‘Move us from mass marketing to precision at scale’, ‘Help us transform our media practice to drive global growth’, ‘Make us relevant for a young new generation of luxury lovers’ and ‘How do we integrate data sets to give a single customer view?’. Our 7600 people do this every day, across 90 countries worldwide, either locally or via one of our 12 multimarket hubs.

What does reinvention look like? For us it's best demonstrated in three ways: Care. Create. Grow.  
working parent wavemaker

We know that the future is made by those who care.

We care about making a difference to our work and our world. So we bring passion, purpose and that extra something to everything we do. We want the best, so we work with the best, inside and outside our company. Brilliance only happens when people are free to be their true self. Working parents, side hustlers, career returners - everyone is important and when we embrace our uniqueness and find ways to work together, we all win.

Life at Wavemaker

Our offices provide a range of local benefits and ways of working, which are designed to enable our people to live their best lives both inside and outside of work, and everything in between.
Examples include:

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Shared parental

Learning &
wavemaker pride parade

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & inclusion is one of our core values. And our market leaders around the world are directly measured on it each year as part of our overarching company strategy. Without inclusion, remarkable creativity and rapid business growth simply can’t happen. We are taking action on equality by ensuring that we seek diversity in the recruitment process both internally and externally, in succession planning for key senior roles, and in exporting talent to the wider Group. We see the value in a diverse talent pool and find ways to enable a flexible and inclusive culture. However, reaching a level of complete equality requires a deep, cultural change. This is why we embrace and encourage every single one of our 7,600 Future Makers and their individual passions. We are most proud of our grassroots initiatives such as Women @ Wavemaker, WM Roots, WM Pride and WM Enable – where people are making the future because they truly believe in it.

Women @ Wavemaker

Committed to ongoing programmes to encourage the development of current and future female leaders by tackling barriers to progression through learning and coaching.

WM Roots

Encourages frank and open conversation around cultural and ethnic diversity and aims to increase and champion BAME representation with the agency.

WM Pride

Champions the LGBT+ communities and creates opportunities to work with media owners to rethink how we approach different groups.

WM Enable

Promoting awareness and understanding of disability, neurodiversity, mental health and wellness; providing support and ensuring we are best positioned to welcome more people with disabilities.

Meet some of our #FutureMakers

Eudi Quevedo
Social Media Manager
Wavemaker Mexico

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Antonio alston wavemaker

Antonio Alston
Media Strategy Manager
Wavemaker US

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Read more >
Nathalie haxby wavemaker

Nathalie Haxby 
Chief Marketing Officer
Wavemaker Global

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Read more >
niklas siebert wavemaker

Niklas Siebert
Content Marketing Concepter
Wavemaker Germany

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Read more >

In our view the future is made by those who create.

Not in the old way, but the left-and-right brain way of science and imagination. Our new breed of media demands the whole package. So we are building a new kind of global culture that prizes ingenuity and backbone in the face of tough challenges. We hire experts from the broadest range of specialisms. And we invest heavily in learning and development to ensure that our teams are consistently at the top of their game.
cameraman and subject
wavemaker Bangkok

How we hire

Every Future Maker brings something unique to the table, so we are never looking for exactly the same kinds of people across the board, and nor are we ever trying to fill exactly the same sorts of roles. Mostly our hiring process usually consists of a written application or CV, the interview stage during which we commit to at least one face to face meeting, and then a decision – but who those candidates are and which one becomes our next Future Maker, is always an adventure!

Learning and career development

We are committed to creating amazing careers for employees, and as part of this we ensure that all of our people have a career discussion at least once a year. Everyone at Wavemaker has access to our employee platform Future Me. Through this they can create a personal development plan just for them, by setting goals, exploring relevant learning and development options, providing and receive feedback from peers and and celebrating each other’s successes. And it enables us at the centre to identify common skills and opportunities for mobility and growth across our network.
future me wavemaker
two business women nyc

We believe that the future is made by those who grow.

Our business goal is simple: to help brands grow. Our method is unique: our Future Makers around the world use their Purchase Journey prowess to spot problems and opportunities for clients, and turn both into growth with leading-edge solutions at the intersection of media, content and technology. We are applying this thinking to the way in which we grow our culture and our people, partnering with several organisations such as UN Women and Out in Tech. As a result we are winning awards around the world including Ad Age Best Place to Work, Great Place to Work Australia and Canada and Best Companies to Work For UK – for which we are extremely proud.

Awards and partner organisations

These are a selection of awards we have won and partners we are working with in the areas of Talent, Culture and Inclusion.
ad age best places to work us
Best Places to Work
best companies to work for uk logo
Best Companies
to Work for
great place to work Canada logo
Great Place to Work
Managed by Women
great place to work logo
Great Place
to Work
m and m global award
M&M Global
Talent Award
peer awards logo
The Peer Awards
Corporate Responsibility
& Employee Experience​​​​​​​
women leading change awards logo
Campaign Asia
Women Leading Change
Founding Partner
un women logo
UN Women
out in tech logo
Out in Tech
disability confident
Disability Confident
purple space logo
Purple Space
scope logo
Get Inclusive

Making the Future in Action

Take a look through our people news and thought leadership below to see how we are making the future.  
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