Don’t Miss: Super Bowl!

Make Ads Great Again: Perhaps in response to recent political and social turmoil, many brands looked to the past for inspiration, bringing stars back to their glory days and re-creating iconic spots.

The key learnings include:

  1. In a world where big events are global stages for brands to inspire and engage, we are seeing these events garner more money and attention from single advertisers than ever before – this was seen in the multiple ads from Jeep and Tide – clearly brands see the expense of ‘big reach’ to be worth it
  2. Tide went further by building in more triggers for audiences through additional on-screen integrations within the broadcast that extended the creative thrust of the ads – a smart way to make them resonate with viewers who see the ad break as bathroom time
  3. The best marketers looked at opportunities to harness social and digital in support of the ad creative, rather than trying to re-create lighting in a bottle ‘real-time’ interactions
  4. Celebrities were huge drivers of communication opportunities - extending reach through their social presence for brands like Monster and Amazon
  5. Netflix boldly used this event to ‘surprise launch’ a new film, setting up a possible Super Bowl streaming precedent to counter program network fare like ‘This is Us’
  6. Voice began to take center stage with Amazon promoting Alexa – expect more voice integration with TV in the future.