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Don't Miss: WMxCannes Key Takeaways 2019


Coming out of Cannes 2019, what did we think? First of all: What a great year for the work. After a few mixed years, insights and ideas have returned to the festival with a bang.

While some of the best work came from familiar territory: not-for-profit, fast food and soft drinks, other great ideas sprung up from further afield: pet nutrition, air fresheners, furniture design, trains and bookshops.

Here are our Wavemaker top five themes and the best work we’ve seen at Cannes this year. You’ll find some of the winners and also some of the work you might not have heard so much about, but which we think is great.

Don't Miss: WMxCannes Key Takeaways 2019
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#WMxCannes Key Takeaways 2019
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