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Dutch Lady #EmoojiKu

Moms and their tweens tend to share a love hate relationship in the growing years and never agree on anything. That was, until we got them to agree on Dutch Lady milk 😍❤️🥛




Moms and their tweens tend to share a love hate relationship in the growing years, and never agree on anything especially on matters of having milk. This was partly why the market of milk was plummeting in Malaysia. Our challenge was to create a single campaign to influence both mum and tweens to put their differences aside, and agree on having milk.


To engage with the tweens, Dutch Lady launched a campaign called Emoojiku. As tweens were at that age of becoming self-aware, the campaign provided them with the platform to express themselves in a playful and creative manner. Dutch Lady combined the goodness of milk with emojis that the tweens love, as a cool new way to enjoy a snack.  

While it was important to speak to the tweens, we had to speak to the moms too as they were the main purchasers. We needed one single campaign targeting two separate audiences (moms and tweens) on different purchase journeys, but driving one goal – to buy Dutch Lady flavoured milk.

Moms think of nutrition and index higher on traditional media, while the kids think less of nutrition and index higher with fun engaging activities in their world of digital. So Dutch Lady took a 3-step strategy of attract, educate & excite, and convert.

First, we had to attract the moms attention by using newspaper, TV and digital ads announcing the #Emoojiku campaign. To attract the tweens, we used cinema ads and Spotify (homepage takeover). 

Then we excited the target to interact with Dutch Lady through their limited edition interactive fun packs. Customers could scan a QR code on the pack and personalize their #Emoojiku to capture their mood and record a catchy message. Digital ads were used to explain the mechanics. We extended this idea onto Spotify with a first-of-a-kind tool that was created to allow tweens to choose the Mood, the Headgear & the Instrument, each denoting a personality trait to create a customized playlist unique to his personality. 

Finally, at the point of purchase, we used different sales channels to reach the moms and tweens. In each channel, we were present to give them that final push to pick up Dutch Lady milk. 


As a result, the penetration of Dutch Lady’s flavoured milk rocketed to +1.3p.p (6.5% Oct’18 to 7.8% Dec’18) despite a decline in category penetration nationwide. 

Dutch Lady also hit the highest penetration for their chocolate flavour since 3 quarters. 

A proof that a single message can reach the different targets effectively by understanding the media touch points that are most relevant to them.