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The world is changing and there’s tools out there to help you. Use them!
Eudi Quevedo
Social Media Manager - Mexico City, Mexico
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Interview with Eudi Quevedo

What do you do at Wavemaker?
I’m the girl behind the social media advertising for our luxury and entertainment brands. If you want to know the latest trends, if you can’t find a study for a pitch, if you need audience insights on a new brand or the latest eMarketer chart, I’m that girl too. I’m your Alexa Region 4 without batteries.
What does it mean to be a Future Maker?
I’m 41 years old and that makes me one of the oldest women at my agency and I have a responsibility to newcomers. Not only as a manager, but as a mentor and an example to follow. There’s no such thing as “you know everything, Eudi”. There’s a lot of work behind that assumption and I try to keep updated, available and ready to share what I know with everyone. If only I could clone myself, haha. And if there’s something I don’t know, I’ll Google it for sure. I was a pioneer here learning the ops at the time, the new self-service platforms of Facebook and Twitter. I’m super proud of that.
What is your story?
I had a very difficult start to my professional career. I have cerebral palsy. That’s why I limp. I learnt to talk when I was 9 months old, I started to read when I was 2. Walking came later. I studied at a super prestigious university with a full scholarship and I was bullied because I didn’t have a computer, a beach house or bodyguards. I was that student with only A’s but also only two coins for the bus. The girl that found the bread basket ‘enough’ when meeting up with friends in a restaurant. After graduation, I messed up my professional path for years, accepting inadequate positions, poor pay and hideous bosses because I didn’t have connections, sometimes that's the only way to get into some professions in Mexico. This was 20 years ago, we didn’t have LinkedIn and internships were always for the “son of Mr. CEO”. I didn’t believe in myself. But here’s my lesson: It’s never too late. You need to fight, find your fairy godmother, your mentor, your inner power and try harder, always. Let your job and efforts shine bright for you. Start since school. It’s hard, but don’t stop believing in what you know and what you can do. Never ever. The world is changing and there’s tools out there to help you. Use them!
The world is changing and there’s tools out there to help you. Use them!
Who inspires you?
Every woman that finds success when she is not young anymore: JK Rowling, Judi Dench or Margaret Atwood.
What inspires you?
Makeup, perfumes, books and cinema. Fortunately, I’m in touch at work with three of my most beloved passions. I have a diploma in Tudor History from the University of Exeter and am doing an online course at the University of Roehampton. Anne Boleyn is my spirit animal. I’m taking a Dan Brown masterclass to learn to write thrillers. And someday, somehow, I will be going to Grasse, France to become a perfumist, even if I’m all senile and have a nose full of gray hairs.
What’s in the future for our industry?
Social media is like fireworks. They can be shining in the sky, wonderful, enormous, amazing, a fantastic show, a fantastic event you want to get close to - but they can also burn you and even kill you. They can explode. And all that dangerous beauty in the wrong hands, can destroy lives. As Spiderman’s Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker: “With great power comes great responsibility”. That goes for social media too...