Expert View special edition: Braving the new normal – Why context is key to unlocking recovery in APAC, plus post-crisis growth lessons for the rest of the world

Since January this year we’ve experienced unprecedented disruption across the Asia-Pacific region. Our research finds that despite all of this, a majority of people across the region remain optimistic about the future.

In this report, titled Braving the ‘New Normal’, we focus on how understanding context is critical to unlocking future growth opportunities. We explore some of these different contexts impacting brands and markets right now across Asia-Pacific. In this accompanying video, Charlotte Wright, Chief Growth Officer, Wavemaker Asia-Pacific and Linna Zhao, Head of Insight, Wavemaker China talk about the highlights of this report, take a deeper look at how the underlying context has impacted the recovery in China, key lessons we can learn as we set out to brave the ‘new normal’.

Download PDF: Braving the ‘New Normal’ 



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