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Bliblimart: Bliblimart m-Select campaign takes grocery shopping from bricks to clicks





Positive Provocation

We positively provoked a seamless purchase journey as a very successful strategy for Blibli in achieving their brand objectives. To drive brand awareness, and to encourage online purchases.​​​​​​​



While ecommerce is an option for Indonesians under lockdown to secure daily essentials, people were and still are not used to buying daily essentials on ecommerce. ​​​​​​​

Further, not many consumers know that they can buy daily essentials on ecommerce platforms like Bliblimart. Therefore, the challenge for the brand was to not just make potential consumers aware that they can order them, but also get them to change their behavior of buying daily essentials from offline to online means.


Analysis of our past campaigns revealed that while video ads were instrumental in generating awareness, they did not help in generating sales or change consumer behavior. Further analysis showed that the consumer journey using video ads was really long – consumers would see the ad, they would click on it, they would go to the Bilblimart portal or app, they would then look for the products they wanted to purchase, they would add them to cart, checkout and finally make the payment and buy the product. And during each stage of this journey many of the consumers would drop out leading to a cumulative leakage of more than 99%.​​​​​​​

Consumers embrace solutions which make their life easy. Based on this insight we decided to make our consumers’ journey so simple that they would adopt Bliblimart for buying their daily essentials.


Bliblimart leveraged m-Select ad technology to re-engineer the once-10-step online shopping journey into just a 3-step process. A dynamic mobile-first creative that split the screen into 2 sections: a brand video on top, and a lower “shoppable” section that featured six grocery categories relevant to the consumers’ needs.

Consumers interacted with Bliblimart by exploring the daily-essential categories, with each ad providing different audience clusters a snapshot of multiple-products relevant to their needs. Users could complete their shopping journey in three seamlessly easy steps:

1.Browse grocery products in the ad-banner,

2.Add to cart, which brings the user from mobile ad to Bliblimart page where they can

3.Check out and purchase their grocery without leaving home​​​​​


Even after pandemic restrictions loosened in Indonesia, 10% more consumers found e-groceries totally convenient that they decided to sustain the habit. Additionally;

  • 10.4% Engagement rate
  • 4.7M Impressions
  • 84.4% Video completion rate​​​​​​​

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