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Blibli’s Home & Living: AI visual search lets people buy what they see





Positive Provocation

The visual search banner helped improve the product discovery and search experience faster and more accurate, and 1 out of every 4 people who searched using the visual search banner ended up buying on Blibli.


Every customers seek for the best offer before finally purchase a product; be it discount price, free delivery, and promotion. Of course, brands would try to cater the needs of their customers. But how do Blibli compete with competitors if their customers don’t even realize that Blibli can give them the best offer?

Blibli endeavors to provide features to its customers that emphasize the significance of the shopping experience, which is Blibli’s basic value. It also contributes to brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Through this campaign, Blibli wanted to make the product discovery and search experience faster and more accurate.


Millennials & Gen Z. Talking about these two audiences will not be far from social media and internet. As our primary target audience, we gained insight that voice and image search to find products online become a trend for them. To answer the objective with insight-based strategy, Wavemaker Indonesia in collaboration with YMT Eskimi to create a solution with visual search banner ads.

This banner ads is not just regular banner; it uses the technology of AR (Augmented Reality). With the rising of AR (Augmented Reality) technology, we want Blibli customers to feel the experience shopping on Blibli and improve the product discovery and search.

We targeted to audience within electronics, fashion, and home living interests. To improve the conversion, we created audience segments based on their product search; so the ads would find audiences who are most likely to convert or purchase a product. Visual search-enabled banners were distributed online across a variety of channels, including social media and video-game apps, and other channels where the audience could be found.


With a single touch from the banners, customers of Blibli was able to search or explore products and offers. For example: they use the AR filter on table next to them. The AR technology will recognize it as “Home & Living” category, then suggest them offers that are related to the category itself.  Therefore, the AR Visual Search Banners let people buy what they see from Blibli. The AR Visual Search Banner is integrated with Blibli’s API products catalog to ensure that every discovered products are up-to-date and the offers are real-time promotion.


We are the first in the region to provide visual search banner ads!

Overall Result

  • 1 of 4 people purchased
  • 76% of New Customers to Blibli sites.
  • 47% Bounce Rate (average Bounce Rate in Indonesia around 80%-90%)
  • >1 Million Reach
  • 9.8% Engagement Rate
  • 41% of target audience used their camera

Measurement Lift

  • 11% Ad Recall Lift
  • 10% Brand Awareness Lift
1 of 4
People purchased
of New Customers to Blibli sites
Bounce Rate (average Bounce Rate in Indonesia around 80%-90%)
Million Reach
Engagement Rate
of Target audience used their camera

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