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Garnier : Green Beauty


L’ORÉAL Indonesia



Positive Provocation

In a world of convenience, we not only introduced, but also instilled a sustainable behavioural change in the beauty industry to reduce plastic significantly in Indonesia for a greener earth.


In 2019, Garnier Indonesia’s plastic usage was 1,142 tonnes. The company made a commitment to save as much as 402 tons of new plastic by 2022 and that its product packaging would no longer use new plastic by 2025. eRecycle is a digital technology-based application for picking up segregated waste using an application-based smartphone.

Garnier Indonesia partnered with eRecycle to provide a way to provide solutions to help people carry out recycling programs and contribute to overcoming plastic waste in Indonesia. But not enough people were aware of Garnier’s brand purpose that promotes green beauty.


To promote this meaningful brand purpose, we leveraged the power of partnerships, consumer education and social influence to create a groundswell around Garnier’s sustainability efforts, especially around plastic recycling.

This had to be a campaign that showed Garnier’s commitment to be green in everything that it did. All the content, activities, and partners in this campaign would be green beauty approved, to amplify the core message and establish green beauty as the new standard in beauty practice.

The message was simple: by downloading the eRecycle app, your plastic waste will be picked up!


In the awareness phase, we successfully educated and triggered urgency among more than 50 million people on mobile channels, using various formats and platforms such as videos and social media.

We conducted a social media activation challenge to collect waste and start implementing #GreenBeauty. A huge buzz and talkability were generated amongst social media users – it was even a trended topic on Twitter for 3 times over different time periods.

To improve the relevance and activation of waste collection, we targeted cities which have high conversion rates based on eRecycle’s data with interactive mobile displays and push notifications to encourage people to download eRecycle and start the waste collection home pick up. To retain users to keep collecting, we retargeted them through various digital media channels.


This campaign achieved overwhelming results – Garnier was listed as a Top 5 preferred product for Green Living Enthusiasts in Indonesia. Additionally:

Brand awareness, #OneGreenStep campaign
Views on Youtube
eRecycle app downloads

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