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L’ORÉAL Paris: Stand Up against street harassment


L’ORÉAL Indonesia



Positive Provocation

Taking advantage of the brand’s global presence, #WeStandUp brings L’Oréal Paris’ support for women into the public eye by addressing and tackling intimidating behaviours revolving around public street harassment.


According to a 2019 survey conducted by L’Oréal Paris and Ipsos on over 15,500 people in 8 countries, public street harassment is the most common issue faced by women and girls.

In Indonesia, at least 1 sort of public street harassment has been reported by 82% women. The victims are at a loss as to how to put a stop to it. But so are the bystanders, 91% of us agree that there is a lack of training & education on how to put an end on public street harassment in public.


L’Oréal Paris aimed to train both men and women to combat street harassment by utilizing the 5D training. According to study, 50% of women under the age of 35 had experienced sexual harassment. As a result, early education on how to fight or prevent in a timely and safe manner was our top goal.

The campaign was aimed at females aged 18-44 and males aged 25-44 who are engaged on digital platforms and use interactive content to replicate incidents of street harassment and educate on 5D training. We also include topics of interest about street harassment, such as commuters, frequent travellers, fitness and sports, empowerment, public transportation, and so on


With the campaign #WeStandUp, L’Oréal Paris provided a clear Call-To-Action for viewers to teach 5D: Distract, Delegate, Document, Delay, and Direct, as a safe action to “Stand Up Against Street Harassment”.

Engaging video material with a call to action to “Stand Up” now; because silence is not an option. The user can see the POV as Victim or Bystander in an interactive Rich Media Banner. Massive Advocacy Campaign and Activation with Celebrities and Influencers to inspire and raise awareness about the cause, incorporating influential and aspirational individuals who actively advocated about women’s empowerment.

We leveraged TikTok Content Co-Creations (5D dance) to educate the safe solution to combat street harassment and develop digital bite-sized content for younger viewers. TV News Appearances featuring Cinta Laura L’Oréal Paris Indonesia Brand Ambassador, to motivate and educate people on how to stand up to Street Harassment.


As a result of #WeStandUp, L’Oreal Paris is perceived to be more trustworthy, suitable, and powerful for women by +5, +4, and +8 measurement points respectively.

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