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Boost Sales Mega Day: 10 ROAS on Shopee 10.10 through FB CPAS


Colgate Palmolive



Positive Provocation

We positively provoked the biggest-ever ROAS performance for Colgate Palmolive Indonesia by persuading our client to broaden the audience and imposing higher budget into e-commerce peak days.



Mega Shopping Day or what Indonesian called Harbolnas was the long-awaited days for consumers in Indonesia to enjoy big promotion from Brands trough shopping in eCommerce. These event was held normally from October until December (10.10,11.11,12.12). Most of brands didn’t want to miss this special day, the competition will be much higher than normal days.

Colgate Palmolive participated in Shopee 10.10 to give big promotion to its consumers. The promotion consisted big discounts, bundling promo, and a lot of gimmick prizes.

The task was to help Colgate grab as many buyers as possible to participate in this event through FB CPAS. We had two objectives – reaching maximum number of consumers & to get high number of purchases.

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Based on historical performance,  2 days before D-day and the day after got the highest number of purchase. We predicted if we weighted more budget proportion into those 4 days would be help to increase Conversion Rate, GMV and got better ROAS.

Exclude=ing interest in prospecting campaign has helped broadening the audience. The result also broadened the retargeting reach and indirectly increased purchase and even ROAS.

We split the campaign into prospecting and retargeting. For prospecting, we  targeted broad audience and remarketed audience who viewed the ads, then optimized towards add to cart. For retargeting, we targeted  lookalike audience as well as those who viewed and added to cart from our ads, then optimized towards purchase. Then setting the period – prospecting 1-11 Ocr, retargeting 8-11 Oct.

We also split the campaign into 3 phases – Teaser (1-11), D-day (10), and Clearance (11). Each phase had 3 creatives material that consisted promotion. We put all the creative into each campaigns and manually turning on the creatives which was on scheduled on the ads level.

We also didn’t use Campaign Budget Optimization, but set the daily budget manually and weighted more on days that resulted high number of purchase (D-2,D-1, D-day, D+1)

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The campaign resulted high number of  purchase, GMV and ROAS.

Audience who clicked & converted to purchase
Lower CPA than previous campaign

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