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I made my own future, without realizing it!
Nathalie Haxby
Global Chief Marketing Officer - London, UK
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Interview with Nathalie Haxby

Tell us what you do at Wavemaker?
I promote Wavemaker and all the fantastic and fascinating thing that we make and do as a company to existing clients, potential new clients, potential new staff and existing staff.
Why did you choose to work at Wavemaker?
Way back when it wasn’t Wavemaker, I chose to come and work here because I was told that although it ‘wasn’t as sexy as advertising, the people are more fun’. After 19 years I can confirm, the people are a blast, but what we do is far sexier than ‘advertising’.
What does being a Future Maker mean to you?
Being empowered and trusted to have wonderful and naff ideas equally without restrictions, and support from the sidelines of peers and teams, whether they work or not.
I made my own future, without realizing it!
Tell us something no one at work knows about you?
I owned a hip-hop and reggae record label in Paris and our first single went gold.
Tell us about why you’re a Future Maker?
I made my own future, without realizing it! I joined the company as PA to the Head of European Media. I moved to NYC when he was made global CEO of the company. I was by his side when we went through our first merger. Persuaded him to let me create a Marketing and PR team for the USA. Was named Global Head of Marketing after winning Global Media Agency of the Year two years running. Moved back to London. Named Global CMO. Created Wavemaker.
Who, or what, inspires you?
My mum and the South of France (yes, the two are completely linked).
Predict something brilliant or terrifying that’s going to happen in your country in the next 12 months
My WPP shares will regain their 2017 value.