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Savlon Turned Mass Media into Braille

How a campaign to promote Braille packaging for Savlon led to government-level change for the visually-impaired in India.




India is home to 40% of the world’s blind population. In spite of such a large community they are excluded from many products, media and entertainment, that the seeing Indian population are able to enjoy. Intentionally or otherwise, ignoring them has become a way of life.

Savlon, a leading antiseptic brand stands as a protective guard against all hurt. The insight –the visually impaired get hurt more easily – prompted Savlon to introduce all its products with braille packaging – to enable easy access to the product when hurt.

Our media objective was two pronged:

  • Let the visually impaired know about this initiative for them
  • Make this initiative a catalyst for others to follow

To stand out and make people notice we zeroed in on World Sight Day – a day that brings global attention to blindness and vision impairment.


Taking a leaf out of Savlon’s initiative we decided to make mass media inclusive to the visually impaired. On World Sight Day we transformed mass media into Braille Media. Mass media had the potential to be both the vehicle to transmit our message of inclusivity, as well as the message itself. We made mass media braille enabled.

This initiative made the visually impaired realise that someone was thinking about them. It also made those with normal vision sit up and notice and think about the need to do more for the visually impaired. Beyond reach, we chose mediums where there is an active sense of reading.

Print was an important pivot – because of its ability for touch-and-feel of the Braille script.

For the first time, A visually impaired person woke up in the morning and read a full newspaper - in Braille. We partnered with 2 leading newspapers – Dainik Savera Times and Vijayvani, who worked around their tight logistical deadlines to create the Braille newspapers, right from closing the final edits earlier to ensuring braille translation to outsourcing their printing - as Braille script required special dye and printing capabilities. They went on to extend their newspaper distribution to blind schools also that day 

A leading general-interest magazine, Outlook – for the first time recreated their masthead and cover story in Braille. The news stand sale for each issue is around 40%. With news stand sale heavily reliant on the issues cover appeal – if not accepted well, they ran the risk of losing out on the readers for that issue.

On the ground we shared the Braille newspapers among blind schools

We ran special Braille advertising in the Indian magazine for the visually impaired.

Another medium in our campaign was News Channels. News channels were important as they continuously flash headlines and breaking news – it involves an active sense of reading. We partnered with 2 leading national news channels to anchor live headlines and renamed the segment as “World Sight Day Headlines” – led by a visually impaired news anchor.

The role of each touchpoint was to complement and add a dimension to the feeling of inclusivity for the visually challenged.


  • The campaign reached 549 Mn people, 40% of Indian population
  • Engaged with 28 blind schools, 9800 children
  • Newspaper houses partnered PRO BONO. They are committed to:
    • Conduct reading sessions with blind school students every quarter
    • Print Braille newspaper every World Sight Day
  • PR worth INR Mn 140.17 generated (70% of brand annual media budget)
  • Trust scores for Savlon - from 51 to 64 

Post campaign, real change emerged:

  • Constitution of India made available in Braille script
  • Prime Minister of India releases visually-impaired friendly coins
  • Prime Minister Relief Fund donated 25 Mn INR for the visually challenged
  • Visually impaired blind voters to get braille voter-slips in National Elections 2019