Snapchat Introduces Shoppable Augmented Reality Lenses (April 2018)

We have a ‘Wavemaker Don’t Miss’ edition for you on Snapchat's new update! How are they stepping it up another level? A CTA that will drive ROI for advertisers will now be at the focal point of Snap.

Now users can take action to explore additional content or product pages with Branded Lenses. This takes augmented reality from its familiar role in pre-purchase awareness building (in what Wavemaker calls the “Priming Phase”) all the way through the consumer journey by providing the opportunity to perform an action such as learn more, sign up, or even purchase (in what we term the “Active Phase”).

The Details:

  • As Snapchat battles with Instagram and WhatsApp for the hearts and minds of younger users, the one place they have an indisputable lead in technology and engagement is their AR lenses.
  • ‘Shoppable’ AR leapfrogs other camera effects offerings in creating a full consumer journey capability at a time when Apple and Facebook continue to push hard on their own AR products.
  • Advertisers will be able to include buttons on Branded Lenses that prompt users with a variety of calls to action. Users can click to visit a website to learn more, watch additional content, install apps, or even purchase products directly within the Snapchat UI.
  • Currently, four brands have opted into this new experience: Clairol, King, STX Entertainment, and Adidas
  • This announcement comes on the heels of Snapchat’s other recent updates to Lens Studio, which allows anyone to create their own lenses with a variety of templates. Snapchat aims to make their lenses ubiquitous for developers and advertisers of all sizes to dominate AR while competitors lag.