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L’Oréal (Thailand), Maybelline



Positive Provocation
Our approach

Maybelline New York has been existed in the Thai market for long; the brand has a very strong top-of-mind awareness.

Our challenge was; more than 45% of Thai women are price-conscious, while Thai consumers perceived Maybelline brand as a premium cosmetic according to its international looks – especially with the ‘New York’ tagline. This pushed consumers to perceive Maybelline as an even more expensive cosmetic, comparing with other local Thai cosmetics.  

This becomes the key obstacle for the brand to turn the base awareness to be sale performance.


Our consumer research showed that among Maybelline’s primary target, Thai women enjoyed watching reality programmes; and has a strong interest in fashion and trends on the Internet to uplift their looks 

Maybelline took this insight as an opportunity; partnering with “The Face Thailand” – a reality competition to offer makeup inspiration.  

The strategy was; blend the brand as inspiration on ‘how to be confidently beautiful’ – tie-in the products as the magical items that spelt all women greater. 


Campaign Maybelline has kicked off by acquiring The Face Thailand programme. And brought celebrities as well as top models; who well-aware of fashion and trends as iconic together with all programme candidates; and demonstrates ‘how to use Maybelline’ to solve every single situation of women’s life

The products demonstration was well educated and clearly defined the product end-benefits; how to use Maybelline effectively in 4 episodes of The Face.  

The programme has been re-run via digital media channels including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and rolling out through digital influencers, which are the core mediums has been consumers among the primary target.


Keyword ‘Maybelline’ was the most peak in 2017 during the campaign period. 

Tie-in products weren’t applied only by Thai women but also inspired ladyboy consumers further. 

Maybelline is now blended to all types of Thai makeup users. 

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