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Make it happen MV


L’Oréal (Thailand), Maybelline



Positive Provocation
Our approach

Maybelline has communicated to Thais through several campaigns over years, mainly the global materials have been used to gain the advantage of efficiency. These communications can well generate the awareness together with the right media selection and it portrayed the premium image of an international brand.
However, Thai consumers have the issue with Maybelline brands and can’t really understand the communication message even it was localized due to less association with the brand concept. 

The key challenge for Maybelline is to raise brand associate to the consumer, especially millennials target with this year statement ‘make it happen’. 


The change of medium utilization and its role were the keys to solve Maybelline challenged, we found millennial consumers are no longer on a traditional TV commercial and spend less time on branded messages. In fact, they are looking for inspiration through the Internet. 

To connect Thai millennials, Maybelline decided to use music marketing as a strategy to register its image, embed ‘Make it happen’ statement into the song and MV – using local superstar, Yaya as a magnet as her first-ever music, and video.  

Also, utilizing core memorable advantage from Music marketing over other digital channels to keep engaging with Thai prospects. 


Yaya – Thailand’s superstar was invited to be the key engagement of MV, she sang and danced with memorable chronograph of powder application gesture. The MV first launched in Thailand’s number 1 reality – The Face, and it successfully caught prospects attentions. Prospects have recalled the music effectively since the first launch. 

With other supportive digital mediums can well re-be engaging or even first experience penetrating through YouTube, Facebook and Brand own channels under the key objective is just driving the new way of awareness though local context to raise brand association and context digestion. 


‘Make it happen’ keyword raised surpass presenter keyword and make an explosive online search and buzz as TOP 5 song during Thai new year period.

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