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Ovaltine Less Sugar


AB Food & Beverages (Thailand) Ltd



Positive Provocation
Our approach

Sugar is heavily consumed in Thailand and its population includes this sweet condiment in most of their food and beverages. 

Health and wellness is an increasingly popular trend. Moreover, after the government raised sugar tax, working adults become more conscious and start looking for nutritional options for health and monetary reasons.  

Ovaltine launched UHT product with 30% reduced sugar. However, Thais are sceptical as they will not perceive healthy to be as delicious.  

So, how does Ovaltine convince their addicted, sugar-loving consumers who have been used to the original taste to try their new drink and raise sales performance?


Merely claiming a product is delicious is not convincing enough, the brand needs to show and prove it!  

The pleasure and happiness derived from consuming something delicious is an emotion that can be displayed via a person’s facial features. An effective way to increase product trial is to witness and hear from real people, not influencers, sharing the true taste of happiness. 

Ovaltine distributed samples captured these happy faces, known as ‘less sugar, Aroi Oak-Nah’ (The expression shows all) and spread the word of mouth of this new product with its ‘magical delicious feeling’ through campaign amplifications.  


Vending machines dispensing free Ovaltine Less Sugar drinks are strategically placed at open areas of shopping malls with high traffic and lures curious shoppers to dispense and sample the drink. Through the lens of a hidden camera, we captured raw, genuine emotions of happy faces after sipping.  

Thereafter, we showcased and amplified these footages through social media to raise awareness, engagements and drive sales. The unscripted nature of them is a strong testament of the point Ovaltine is seeking to drive across – Ovaltine Less Sugar still tastes as good.


The real success of the campaign is that we turned the communication from product talk to involving real consumers into the campaign to effectively deliver sincerity and trustworthiness of the long-established brand in Thailand.

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