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Xi’an Troops


NokScoot Airline



Positive Provocation
Our approach

Thais love travelling, it’s become the key passion especially for Thai youth in recent years. The number of passengers rises dramatically over years especially international routes. NokAir sees the opportunity then expand its Far-Eastern network, to capture the raise of demand with brand NokScoot 
However, the key challenge is NokScoot has been perceived as domestic airlines because of acquisition under NokAir branding. This becomes the key barrier to fight against a key competitive player in the international budget segment. So NokScoot’s campaign must solve this misperception as well as the awareness with sale performance. 


To generate effective awareness of new routes, the execution must deliver well experiential to the target. From our study, NokAir target is Thai youth who love to explore the world and key trigger is an ‘experience’. Mapping this with NokScoot’s routes, Xi’an was chosen as a key strategic product as millions of Thais are familiar with Xi’an historical Qin-Shi-Huang and his clay-army from drama. The creative idea utilizes these insights to deliver well experiential awareness by bringing memorable of Xi’an to live and lead it to get closer to consumers. So, the clay army was used as a hero to raise engagement. 


The famous Xi’an clay armies were brought to life as interactive troop statue, it has been launched at Siam Square to drive experiential awareness. The location is known for the heart of Thais youth in Bangkok – more than 100,000 visitors a day. Together the record of interactive moments with prospects has been distributed over the social network to the real prospects who have specific interest and passion to travel to ensure that execution can both serve awareness and conversion performance. All Facebook, YouTube and Google network have been utilized to drive this campaign success. 


The brand was registered as a regional airline for Thai youth explorer.

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