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Wavemaker Canada is One of the Best Places to Work in Canada in 2018

Wavemaker Canada is One of the Best Places to Work in Canada in 2018

Wavemaker Canada is the only media agency to place in the top 50 of the prestigious Employees Best Places to Work Canada 2018 list.
Wavemaker Canada, a leading media agency, has today placed 36th in the highly coveted 1000+ Employees Best Places to Work Canada list. This list recognizes 50 of the top ranking large and multinational workplaces with more than 1000 employees working in Canada or worldwide. The full list is available at www.greatplacetowork.ca.

The newly created full-service media agency (media, technology and content) was recognized for participating in a global initiative to entrench gender equality across the organization. Some of their ground-breaking initiatives include the creation of a female mentor network, career development sessions and customized career plans.

Wavemaker Canada was formed out of the merger of Maxus Canada and MEC Canada. This is the third year in a row that the former Maxus team placed on this list.

Ann Stewart, CEO, Wavemaker Canada, commented: “An amazing feat for our newly formed company and something we are all very proud of. Winning this award, especially now, will set the benchmark for how we continue to put into place initiatives that continue to engage and inspire our team. “

Lisa Pietersen, Managing Director, Human Resources, commented: “We are very proud of our achievement – as a new company this is a great springboard for cultivating a positive & vibrant culture. This is also a testament to our employee’s commitment to providing quality work while enjoying every minute of it. Congratulations to our team at Wavemaker Canada – we all played a part in this. “

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