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Wavemaker China Wins Business of Two Major Saic Brands

Wavemaker China Wins Business of Two Major Saic Brands

This cooperation officially launched in January 1, 2018.  The four-party pitch for MG lasted two months. Wavemaker’s win demonstrated a combination of data-driven, logical communication strategy, integrated marketing practice, systematic digital platform usage, and competitive pricing.

In January, SAIC announced strong growth in new car sales of ROEWE and MG. Benefitting from the continuous sales success of the new SUV and the overall trend in the auto market, the two brands achieved 520,000 annual sales volume in 2017, a 60% increase compared to 2016.

Caesar Hao, General Manager of Wavemaker, responsible for SAIC business, said, “We always focus on our client’s real business objectives and this drives us to help them achieve their goals. In a market that is rapidly changing through the disruption of digital communications, I am delighted that we are helping SAIC leverage these trends to deliver excellent results. We will continue to work hard to ensure that SAIC continues to meet their ambition.”

Gordon Domlija, CEO of Wavemaker commented,“I am immensely proud of the Wavemaker SAIC team in producing such a convincing pitch, and that SAIC have chosen to extend their relationship with us. By connecting our pillars of Media, Content and Technology, the team have effectively demonstrated our understanding of the customer journey and how we can create value and future growth for MG and ROEWE. This is a hugely significant early win for Wavemaker in a very competitive marketplace, and one that has helped establish our differentiated approach to clients’ business problems.”