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An Influencer’s Role In The Purchase Journey

Strategic Spotlight
An Influencer’s Role In The Purchase Journey


Flash in the pan or medium of the future? The boom of influencer marketing is attracting the attention of many brands. A recent Gartner survey, including a large number of marketers as respondents, showed that 60-70% of companies now use influencers for marketing and promotion of their brands, mainly as a tactic, while only 5% use it as part of a strategic program of influencer marketing to support specific points around the consumer’s purchase journey. As an example of thinking ahead, Nike signed an exclusive and open-ended contract with Lebron James when he was 18; quite a risky move as they couldn’t predict he would become one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Their long-term investment paid off. When it comes to working with influencers today it seems companies are much more inclined to sign short term, tactical contracts with the aim to quickly build engagement, but not loyalty.