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Insight Bites: Quality of Life in China


Why are we discussing “quality of life”? Both the consumers and brands seem to be highly concerned with seeking out quality. 

Historically, marketers in China have been more focused on the quality of products, specifically how to make consumers more aware of the quality of their brands or merchandise. With improved living standards, in recent years discussing “quality of life” has become a dominant tone in people's lives. Admittedly, quality of life is not just a simple concept, but an evolving symbol of a successful lifestyle. In our research, we find that Chinese consumer’s sense of quality of life mostly originates from the prospect of pursuing extremely refined living. Please read on for more information about the meaning of quality of life to consumers, the expectations people hold for their material and spiritual aspects and how consumers sense and judge quality. Note to the reader, the conclusions drawn in this research are only a sketch of the mainstream voices in Tier 1 to Tier 3 cities of those who took part in the journey (from respondents aged between 23 to 50 years old).

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Wavemaker Insight Bites Quality of Life in China
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