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United Airlines Taxi Tops

With all the inconveniences of air travel, you would think travelers at least would choose the easiest accessible airport. However, United Airlines found that many more Manhattanites elected to fly out of John F. Kennedy airport in Queens as opposed to Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey.

The reasons:

• Widely established misperception that anywhere in Jersey is less convenient than anywhere in NYC (because it’s in a different state)

• Cultural resonance and pride that New Yorkers have for JFK

United Airlines wanted to increase their flights out of Newark and we decided the best way to convince traveling Manhattanites was to show them how much longer it would take them to get to JFK versus Newark. To get this facts across, we partnered with mcgarrybowen and Kinetic to outfit 125 iconic yellow-taxis with a two-part live data reader that showed the transport time difference between the airports.

As each GPS outfitted taxi moved, the times displayed updated and always irrefutably favored Newark. Faced with the fact-based argument that Newark was always more convenient than JFK, Manhattanites changed their behavior and United passengers flying out of Newark in 2017 increased by 810K from the same period the previous year while brand favorability jumped from 39% to 55%.

The campaign was awarded a Silver Creative Data Lion and Bronze Media Lion at the 2018 Cannes Festival of Creativity.

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