To Reach More Consumers Through Data-Driven Insights, Danone in North America Selects Wavemaker as New Media Agency Partner

Today, Danone in North America and Wavemaker are pleased to announce their new collaboration to deliver on the ambition of connecting with consumers moment-to-moment, screen-to-screen.

This decision comes as part of the integration process following the acquisition of WhiteWave in April 2017. Guiding the conversation were four key areas for growth and innovation; (1) Best in Class Team & Talent; (2) Value across the Portfolio; (3) Consumer Centric, Brand-focused and Business-minded plans; (4) Future-Forward, Data-Led Communications.
“Wavemaker had the most compelling offer in terms of creative content marketing and data-led insights to lead the company into the future with innovative thinking, new tools and great talent,” said Claudia Sargent, VP Media Connection & Marketing Services at DanoneWave. “Because of our dedication to provide consumers the choices they love, we sought to find a partner that could build a genuinely dynamic media model with us, using data and precision targeting to deliver the right messaging to our existing loyal consumers, while also attracting a new and younger consumer.”

“When it comes to food and beverage today, people’s consumption habits both in media and products are constantly changing and evolving. The DanoneWave portfolio is unique, and as the leading organic food maker and yogurt maker in the U.S., our diverse offering across both dairy and plant-based has earned us trust from consumers. To maintain and grow our deep relationship with consumers, which will help us drive growth, we must be laser focused on evolving and innovating with them to deliver the best choices, at every step of their purchase journey. ” said Sergio Fuster, president of the US yogurt portfolio at DanoneWave.

“How brands connect with consumers is a moving target, and we need to move faster. Right from the start we plan to equip Danone in North America with new ways of working to deliver relevant and powerful storytelling that grows their business. ” said Amanda Richman, CEO, Wavemaker USA.,” said Amanda Richman, CEO, Wavemaker USA.

Working with WaveMaker, the company seeks to become a center of excellence in data-driven insights, making the most of available advertising and media technology. “We went into this review with eyes wide open as a new company. Together, we made the decision to begin a relationship with Wavemaker across our portfolio in North America, thereby partnering more closely with WPP and finding new ways of working together,” said Fuster. “We’re excited to see how this change will further add to our ability to operate seamlessly and efficiently as we forge ahead together towards our mission to bring health through food to as many people as possible.”