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Bringing the magic of Wonder Park to life





Positive Provocation

We positively provoked strong box office results in a highly competitive window, by persuading our clients to act differently to other family titles and partner with a charity to bring the magic of Wonder Park into a real-world activation.


Wonder Park is the story of a magnificent amusement park where the imagination of a wildly creative young girl comes alive.

We were challenged to bring the magic to life in a creative and engaging way, whilst staying true to the films positive and imaginative themes.

Paramount wanted to surprise and delight audiences with the film’s ambiance, overcoming the challenge of a completely new family film IP in a notably busy marketplace.


We needed an idea that would set Wonder Park apart from other kids and family titles within our release window, and ultimately bring joy and imagination to our audience.

Based on the key strategic pillar of offering a family a ‘money-can’t buy’ experience at half-term, we set out to bring the core themes of the film – imagination, adventure & fun – into the real world and bring the magic of Wonder Park directly into the home of one deserving family.


To bring the idea to life, we partnered with The Sun who have an existing program to support deserving families and children. Leveraging this existing program, we also partnered with the charity Merlin’s Magic Wand, who support children facing challenges of serious illness, disability or adversity around the world.

We wanted to create heart-warming and eminently sharable content that would live online – and melt the hearts of any sceptical parents.

We captured content with our media partners that completely transformed a child’s room into an adventure park themed setting. Shot in the style of a before and after montage, (with delighted reactions at the end) our video content replicated the feeling of the film for someone who would really appreciate the magic.


Overall, Wonder Park delivered great results at the Box Office ​and was one of the key kids and family films of the 2019 Easter Half-Term. The partnership content was exceptionally well received and gave one family the experience of a lifetime.

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