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Positive Provocation

Wavemaker challenged the misconceptions about electric vehicles and actively integrated positive messaging into tools and devices to provide consumers with the unbiased information they needed.

Our Approach

The battle to cut carbon emissions is one of  the chronic challenges of our time. Reducing the volume of fossil fuels burned is one way to achieve this objective.  As a result the Government has set targets to decrease the proportion of combustion engine cars sold and increase purchase of electric vehicles (EVs). However, most people perceive EVs to have significant disadvantages. Indeed, research shows that only 26% of those who consider EVs go on to purchase.

It can be difficult to find unbiased information that addresses all these key questions around EVs. We needed to address the misconceptions that EVs are constrained to short distances, more expensive or difficult and time-consuming to charge.


We needed to ensure positive EV messaging was actively integrated into tools and devices regularly used for mining information. One of these is voice devices… when you ask Alexa for information about EV’s, she would  only reply with “sorry, I don’t know that one”.

We saw an opportunity to support people in the new car pre-purchase stage and increase the conversion rate. By building a Voice App for Alexa and Google devices, this information reaches people when they need it with the right messaging.

We set about creating an FAQ Skill which includes 60 of the most common questions people ask around EVs.


To find the questions people needed answers for, we reviewed the number and type of search queries about EVs in Google’s text search. We then used this intelligence to add 17 new questions in addition to the 43 existing FAQs used on the GUL website.

Wavemaker delivered the Conversational Design (defining the user experience through the app) and worked with Voxly on the production / development of the Voice Apps.

Voiced by TV personality and GUL (Go Ultra Low) ambassador Ben Fogle, the Skill educates a new segment of people on the key topics around EVs.

Wavemaker worked with our PR agency to announce the launch to market. The campaign supported GUL’s ATL campaign across February and March 2020.


Over 1,000 questions were asked in the first week alone.  Meanwhile each user asked an average of 8 questions or more.  This showed that we were offering the depth of content that EV considerers needed.

Over 1000
Questions asked in week one of the campaign
Returning users in first 2 million
Over 8
Different questions per use

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