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Positive Provocation

StorySign offers real change for deaf children. It enriches their lives, helping them to learn to read and bridge the learning gap between them and their hearing peers.

StorySign clearly demonstrates the value Huawei AI in solving a real problem, and so this campaign needed to go beyond it’s immediate target audience and talk to the masses during moments of maximum receptivity.


Huawei challenged us to bring to life their brand promise – ‘push the limits of what is humanly possible’. The aim was to make lives better, tangibly demonstrate the capability of Huawei’s AI technology by helping to solve a real, human problem and illustrate the integrity of Huawei’s brand.


There are 32 million deaf children in the world, and most of them struggle to read. This is because deaf children don’t learn to read like hearing children. They can’t learn phonetically, so they struggle to match words with sounds. This has a hugely negative impact on their education, and future lives. In fact, research shows that it takes 21 years for deaf children to catch up with their hearing peers.

To change the story of deaf illiteracy and show the power of Huawei’s smartphone technology, we needed an idea that offered real change. We created the first global literacy platform for the deaf – StorySign. StorySign scans the words in selected children’s books and instantly translates them into sign language, using the most advanced signing avatar ever. For the first time, deaf children and their parents can learn to read and sign, together.

To ensure StorySign reached the broadest possible audience we decided to launch in the run-up to Christmas – yet to achieve cut through we needed to tell the story in the most meaningful way.

Huawei drafted the support of Chris Overton, academy award winning director to craft a 60 second film which brought the campaign challenge to life.

To make the app a success and assure downloads, we needed to also find our core audience. With that we developed a three-part strategy: Capture, Connect and Close.


Capture the attention of the greatest number of people and raise awareness of the challenge in longform. To Capture audience attention we ran our 60 second hero spot across TV, Cinema and premium reach digital (major news, YouTube and social) targeting shared festive family moments.

Connect with parents and parents of those directly affected and mobilise the support of those currently going through this transformative experience. Driving Connect and relevance we cut down 20 second vignettes for digital and social which would target those with an expressed interest in deaf charities, we wrote advertorials featured in parent blogging sites, pre-roll on family content and in text around articles relevant to our audience.

Close with action, ask parents to participate, download the app and engage with the story but also leave others with the understanding that we’d attempted to do something meaningful. To Close final conversions we re-engaged with a retargeting creative that would be completely relevant to our target audience, a Santa signing to the viewer our message of Christmas, in 12 different local sign languages.

Huawei’s promise is to push the limits of what is humanly possible, available on all Android devices in 11 countries, opening books to an entire generation of deaf children. StorySign answers that promise.


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