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What makes a Wavemaker?

What makes a Wavemaker?
Our attitude of Positive Provocation.

It’s in our DNA. It’s how we grow our clients and ourselves. We foster it by empowering every one of our people with knowledge, challenge and support.


‘The deep knowledge I have of my client's business.'


‘The confidence to challenge what’s gone before.’


‘The support to go further than I thought possible.’

The knowledge of a client's business acts as an enabler to help us make more informed decisions in identifying, unlocking and prioritising growth opportunities across all areas of their business.

Simon Littlechild, Precision Lead

At Wavemaker, it’s our fundamental belief that in order to service our clients we must first build a deep understanding of their business and marketing challenges. This provides the bedrock for the unrivalled work that we do.

Kajal Mistry, Display and Social Account Manager

Wavemaker has a culture of welcoming new ideas and innovation. I’m continually encouraged to challenge and improve current processes leading to not only my personal development but also positive provocation for the business and our clients.

Janaki Dodia, Effectiveness Manager

Wavemaker supports a culture that promotes positive pushback. We work with our clients to provide fresh perspectives and search intensively for the best answer to deliver maximum growth.

Cameron Davies, Strategy Lead

Positive provocation is as much about the positive manner in which we challenge our clients as the provocation itself. We build genuine partnerships with our clients and constantly ask questions to understand their business objectives.

Sarah Kenny, Managing Partner

At Wavemaker, there is a safe and open space for creativity, allowing us to really push the dial and produce the best in class activity across the industry.

Yara El Saadani, Precision Director

Wavemaker has support baked into its DNA, whether it be developing bespoke career plans, fostering positive working environments for parents or funding personal growth opportunities.

Ruth House, Managing Partner

Within Wavemaker, I am surrounded by people willing to share their knowledge and personal experiences, and provide support relating to both the existing core responsibilities of my role and beyond them.

Matthew Jones, Ad Technology Manager

From day one at Wavemaker, I was supported by my immediate and senior colleagues who all care passionately about my professional progress. Wavemaker is a place where young talent is placed in the room and their voices are heard.

Pari Adams, Media Trainee

Wavemaker supports people who want to shake things up and unlock growth by doing things differently. The test and learn mindset that's needed for innovation requires confidence and bravery. This agency nurtures that brilliantly in everything we do.

Rozzi Merrington, Head of Innovation

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