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Why Wavemaker?

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We deliver next-generation media, content and technology solutions for our clients.

Solutions to challenges such as:

We hold the world’s largest database of Purchase Journey research, WM Momentum ™

We have a better understanding of how our clients’ brands and their competitors perform than any other organisation on earth. We know this because we have the world's largest database on how people make purchase decisions called WM Momentum.​

We can spot growth opportunities at every stage of the customer cycle, way before people are thinking about buying anything and just going about their daily lives, to the period in which they are actively looking to buy, and choosing between you and a handful of rival brands. To date, we've analysed over 500,000 purchase journeys across 72 categories and 35 countries. 
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This isn’t just theory.

Uniquely, we are able to take this purchase journey insight and activate against it directly at a personal level, for the first time bridging the gap between precise insights and segmentations and activation. We can market to a target audience at scale, but also as individuals, all thanks to [m]PLATFORM, GroupM’s market-leading intelligence stack.​

This unrivalled level of purchase journey intelligence allows us to precisely diagnose where the key growth opportunities and audiences are, giving clarity to where the focus of our clients’ marketing investment should be.

Our teams make the future for 1000s of clients every day. 

Multi-market hubs
Purchase journeys

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How we work

Our approach puts growth first. Most other agencies still work in the old way – define the target audience, rank touchpoints, and buy space accordingly. ​

We’ve flipped this on its head. We START by finding the growth opportunity. Next we identify the right audiences. And then we execute with creativity and agility.

Our services include​

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Backed by GroupM, our scale means getting the best commercial terms – one in every three pounds spent on media globally is spent with GroupM – and we are the biggest global spender with Facebook, Google and Amazon. 
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World-class content & experiences that help brands connect with their audiences and enrich the Purchase Journey.
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From leading AdTech and MarTech systems, to platform expertise, Voice, AI, AR and emerging technologies.
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Outcome-based planning and deployment of all media, accountable to generating maximum return on investment​.
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Consumer-centric strategies ​
for modern retail.​

Making the future in action

racing driver fire

Unleashing the Greatest Racing Spectacle
Our work with F1 unleashed the equivalent of 16 years of additional digital content and a 10% increase in global TV audience numbers.

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female firefighter

Recruiting Female Firefighters
We used precision targeting to almost double the amount of female applicants to the London Fire Brigade.

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test drive app Renault

Renault Rennovative Test Drives
We designed an instant new way to book a test drive, that drove brand scores through the roof in this tech-smart, creative campaign.

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niklas siebert wavemaker

Race TV for Telekom Hungary
We created a media, content and technology campaign that brought personalisation to Hungary's largest racing event, exceeding expectations tenfold.

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Our story

We are Wavemaker. In 2018 we were born as MEC and Maxus joined forces – to form a new agency. Not just a super-sized media shop (ours was the biggest-ever merger in media) but a new breed of global agency delivering world-class solutions for clients through media, content and technology. 

The launch was a chance for us to build an agency free from legacy structures and models; an agency with the right talent mix, set-up and speed to help clients find growth in a tough environment. We knew that our combined 20 years of global expertise in media strategy, planning and investment was hugely valuable to clients, but that by integrating it with new skills, we could do a bigger and better job for these clients. ​

​So, we built out from media into new areas. Not areas unconnected to our media expertise – but areas in which we would succeed precisely because of that expertise. ​

​The benefits for clients are clear. We can offer a more diverse range of solutions than ever before. By combining media with content and technology, these solutions are more sophisticated, more integrated, and more effective. 

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