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What New Economy stars can learn from Powerbrands (and what’s stopping them)


The Provocateur: Wavemaker Experten analysieren zum Nachdenken anregende Themen und teilen mit uns offen ihre Meinung und Gedanken.

The Provocateur – Special Edition: New Economy meets Powerbrands

Today we tackle a topic that is shaking up media, marketing and consumer experience in every sector. New Economy meets Powerbrands is about two mega-camps converging on the same territory – but coming from very different starting points. 

New Economy brands are the disruptors reinventing sectors from food to finance. They take pride in challenging what’s come before. But their transition from start-up to scale-up poses uncomfortable questions on how to maintain rapid growth. Are there lessons to be learned from the Powerbrands they seek to disrupt? If so, what’s holding them back? Global Growth Chief Strategy Officer Daniel Brown explains.


Daniel Brown, Chief Strategy Officer, Global Growth

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