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What makes a Wavemaker?

What makes a Wavemaker?
Our attitude of Positive Provocation.

It’s in our DNA. It’s how we grow our clients and ourselves. We foster it by empowering every one of our people with knowledge, challenge and support.


‘The deep knowledge I have of my client's business.'


‘The confidence to challenge what’s gone before.’


‘The support to go further than I thought possible.’

Over the past 5 years my career progressed quickly with the biggest challenge and learning being the step from Analyst to Account Manager. This valuable experience and support has given me confidence in all aspects of my job.

Denisa Rezacova, Account Manager, Czech Republic

I moved from Wavemaker in Sydney to the New York office on the Globetrotters programme. Working in such different cultures has given me a global client perspective and made me a better planner.

Garrett Healy, Planning Manager, US

In India, culture and language changes every 100 kms and Wavemaker pushed me to experience this vast diversity across markets by offering internal mobility. My knowledge has expanded hugely.

Anindita Roy, Associate Director Content, India

I love that Wavemaker allows me „to play“ with campaigns and supports any idea that I have. Having a strong A&I support allows me to challenge clients with relevant data and insights and grow their business through enjoyable work. It’s fun and great job!

Eva Cechovska, Account Director, Czech Republic

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is the fuel for our creativity, consumer empathy and growth. We challenge everyone to Brave Your Bias and foster a sense of belonging.

Amanda Richman, CEO, US

Be it our Keep, Growing Challenge or Home Hackathons, Wavemaker challenges all of us to try new things, develop our potential in new areas, and gives us the opportunity to take a risk.

Devyani Bhaskar, Planning Executive, India

Our clients perceive us as their strategic partners and they know they can rely on us. We create bonds that go beyond the world of marketing and business.

Daniel Trumpich, Digital Media Manager, Czech Republic

I joined Wavemaker CZ more than 3 years ago. I became a part of a great team, having people around me who constantly inspire and develop me. Also had the opportunity to try out the position as a Digital media manager, which was a big challenge for me.

Zuzana Adamkova, Digital Manager, Czech Republic

Thanks to the amazing support from large number of skill-heads in individual media disciplines and the knowledgebase that is shared through the GroupM and WPP network, it is possible to work your way up from junior specialist to the position of a manager within two years.

Michaela Krchova, Digital Media Manager, Czech Republic

To join the Wavemaker CZ two years ago proved to be the right decision to elevate my expertise and skills to another level. The team of enthusiastic media professionals, unique products, tools, research & insights, provocative planning process and the amazing support within both GroupM and WPP network – these are the right ingrediencies charging me every day with a dose of fresh energy to push my limits even further.

Michal Benda, Business Unit Director, Czech Republic

Wavemaker is a part of my life and has given me a chance to develop myself, my knowledge in different positions. Every moment is a challenge but thanks to a great group of enthusiasts, the challenges come true on their own

Marketa Endrstova, head of Trading, Czech Republic

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Ondrej Simunek
CEO Czech Republic
Ondrej is an inspiring leader who expands the agency's strategy with comprehensive data studies and believes in the way brands and people grow using positive provocation and a state-of-the-art operating system supporting the entire field of communication planning.