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How is social media usage looking in 2021?


Lockdown has affected the usage of various social platforms in different ways, Mintel research has shown.

This month Senior Account Executive, Johnluke Hayes takes a look at the social media landscape of the year to date.

As can be expected during a global pandemic when people are spending more time at home, social media usage has seen significant growth across most platforms. This is a trend that can be attributed to the increase in ‘free time’ caused by lengthy lockdowns in 2020 and 2021.

Video-first platforms are leading the pack in terms of growth on social.

Video-first platforms are leading the pack in terms of growth on social. Mintel reports usage of TikTok & YouTube increasing by 68% and 61% respectively since the pandemic began in early 2020.

Lagging slightly behind is LinkedIn whose usage has remained the same throughout lockdowns. However, given the closure of non-essential retailers and the networking-first nature of the platform this is not surprising. Usage of the platform is forecasted to once again surge following the easing of lockdown restrictions and re-introduction of non-essential workers to the workplace.

The above trends are just some examples of how social media consumption has changed as a result of the pandemic. As society continues to re-open for a second time, monitoring these changes will be crucial in making social recommendations to clients.

Find the Mintel report here.

Johnluke Hayes, Senior Account Executive

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