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What makes a Wavemaker?

What makes a Wavemaker?
Our attitude of Positive Provocation.

It’s in our DNA. It’s how we grow our clients and ourselves. We foster it by empowering every one of our people with knowledge, challenge and support.


‘The deep knowledge I have of my client's business.'


‘The confidence to challenge what’s gone before.’


‘The support to go further than I thought possible.’

Media is evolving at a rapid rate and Wavemaker has helped me to prepare myself with knowledge and experience to face these challenges confidently

Rohan Perera, Assistant Manager - Client Leadership

I joined Wavemaker at the age of 20 years and this is my first job in communications. Since then, I keep learning from my seniors and the vast knowledge that Wavemaker enables me to experience every day. Wavemaker is a place that encourages us to grow fearlessly and I would always be grateful for the strong foundation the company has provided.

Yusuf Ruzni, Senior Executive - Digital Media

Wavemaker taught me the ABCs of media, enabled me to grow as a person & helped me discover my passion. I feel so driven to push myself ahead now!

Romain Chandrasekara, Senior Business Executive

Wavemaker always present us challenges which ultimately make us better than who we used to be

Nadeepa Attanayake, Assistant Manager - Client Leadership

Wavemaker has supported me to broaden my horizons as a marketing professional and has placed enormous trust on me by assigning responsibilities. Wavemaker has also supported me to improve my quality of life which has resulted in growth in my personal life as well

Ishara Jayaweera, Assistant Business Manager

Wavemaker has allowed me to explore my creativity to positively provoke clients and keep on inspiring me to do better from the date I joined. The welcoming nature and the support given by the local and global teams is truly commendable. It’s a great opportunity to be a part of this diverse family.

Fioni Hewanadugala, Assistant Manager - Digital Media

Wavemaker truly is diverse and inclusive. It has truly embraced me and made me felt belonged instantly. Its a place where I can freely express myself and get the support from an awesome team. Wavemaker inspires me to constantly challenge myself to grow fearless provocatively.

Eranga Subasinghe, Senior Manager - Client Leadership

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