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What makes a Wavemaker?

What makes a Wavemaker?
Our attitude of Positive Provocation.

It’s in our DNA. It’s how we grow our clients and ourselves. We foster it by empowering every one of our people with knowledge, challenge and support.


‘The deep knowledge I have of my client's business.'


‘The confidence to challenge what’s gone before.’


‘The support to go further than I thought possible.’

Since I started 10 months ago I have really been impressed at how we all share knowledge with each other. I have challenged myself to further develop my digital skills and become a hybrid strategist.

Cheryl Dube, Client Lead/Media Strategist

I come from a retail background and currently work on the Pick n Pay account, the experience about the category combined with the knowledge gathered by Wavemaker has allowed me to generate valuable insights for the clients.

Daniel Thobejane, Analytics & Insights Specialist

One year ago, I have started my internship at Wavemaker part of the group M Grad X. With all the training I have received from the team I was able to develop myself with great skills and knowledgeable experience in the field. I am looking forward to the many years at Wavemaker continuing to grow fearlessly.

Navir Papa, Performance Specialist

Knowledge is power and that is something Wavemaker understands well. The internal culture of sharing wisdom & learnings is phenomenal!

Gail Naidoo, Senior Implementation Planner

Wavemaker's knowledge across the African landscape is unlike any other. It has given me the ability to execute innovative campaigns across various African Markets.

Fadi Sader, Digital Strategy Lead

Wavemaker has allowed me the opportunity to evolve past the foundation of the skillset that I initially had before I joined the business. This has enabled me to challenge the brief, objective and approach to the client’s problem and deliver solutions that deliver results which surpass client’s desired outcome.

Lerato Modisakeng, Performance Lead

Wavemaker challenges me to be more accountable; both to myself & my team members. The organisation’s hierarchy allows for this by giving the freedoms necessary to take full ownership on projects & responsibilities.

David Shields, Digital Strategy Lead

By having access to a plethora of relevant tools, I can confidently drive client excellence and innovation that’s anchored in science.

Christa Kruger, Business Unit Head

Love that Feeling inspired, being challenged and learning something new is a constant in my role at Wavemaker. I am prompted and motivated daily by my amazing team to reach new and exciting levels!

Megan Lottering, Hybrid Media Buyer

Wavemaker has pushed me (and allowed me to use my own initiative and expertise) to streamline the reporting that we supply to Client as well as GroupM. They also have given me the opportunity to provide insights on big data sets, making it easier for client to understand.

Anzel Heunes, Media Investment Analyst

Having started as an intern at Wavemaker, I faced new challenges daily. But the with the consistent support and encouragement of my team, my confidence has grown tremendously and I feel empowered to fulfil my role within the agency.

Carla Pretorius, Content Project Manager

Wavemaker has given me the chance to take part in One Young World. Inclusion is so important to us as the youth of South Africa. I am proud to work in a company that supports transformation, inclusion and diversity.

Lando Simelane, Performance Specialist

Mental health plays a big part in an employee's productivity levels. I feel privileged to be in an environment that have regular check ins with it's employees and actively encourage them to make use of the employee wellness programme.

Toni Jefta, Digital Planning Lead

Wavemaker genuinely believes in supporting its team members on every level possible, and it shows.

Kyle Swart, Performance Manager

Wavemaker really is home away from home.

Caroline Seripe, Executive Assistant

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