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One Young World 10th anniversary summit 2019!


We came, we saw, we conquered!

This year was One Young World 10th Anniversary Summit 2019 in London! We gave six of our people the chance to be amongst the world’s most influential leaders of today at this global leadership summit, where they had the opportunity to challenge, learn and grow their knowledge.

So what did we learn? Here’s a recap of the major topics that attendees discussed, expert points of view and what these takeaway mean for our world.  

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The resilience of nature is a reason for hope. If given the chance, it can recover itself. We just have to give it that chance.

un messenger of peace, founder of jane goodall institute, jane goodall 

In this document we highlighted the three pressing global issues that headlined the One Young World Summit’s agenda:

  1. Human Rights: How is digital media empowering activists?
  2. Media freedom: How can we protect the truth?
  3. Planetary health: How is climate change endangering our health?

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