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Couture for the Cure





Positive Provocation

We created a partnership to elevate bathroom tissue brand, Cashmere, above the pack by transforming a historically private event into a signature primetime National television event!


Breaking through the clutter of the category is a tough job. We knew that culturally significant events make the most impact on TV. So, by creating a 30 min piece of branded content we were able to not only set ourselves apart from the competition, but to also provide a deeper connection with consumers from the comfort of their own living room. 


Within the bathroom tissue sector, the brands blur into one another. Consumers are inundated with similar claims of superiority and there is notoriously low consumer interest making it hard for any brand to get a word in edgewise.  

Our bathroom tissue brand, Cashmere, needed to grow awareness and engagement with consumers so that our brand was in consumer’s minds before they got to shelf. We needed to stand out from the sea of sameness  

Cashmere has an association with The Canadian Cancer Society and annually hosts an intimate fashion show featuring dresses produced by Canadian designers, all made from Cashmere’s luxurious bathroom tissue. 

However, historically, this event was for VIPs only – 350 people.  

What if we could provide all Canadian’s a front-row runway experience so that all Canadians could experience this annual tradition?  

Going into 2021, we knew that Canadians were increasingly caring about and rallying behind altruistic causes. We also knew that media consumption was increasingly fragmented. Canadians craved entertainment but they wanted to engage on their own terms. So how could we create diversified, multi-touchpoint campaign that would reach the masses but also deliver on our objective of standing out from the crowd?  


We developed the first-ever, highly engaging TV special! The event, designers and runway were all captured to tell a compelling story in a 30-minute special called: “Cashmere Couture for the Cure”.  The special ran on primetime on Canada’s number #1 network and was also placed on and Crave to drive additional audience and accessibility. 

We integrated with CTV’s top talent, allowing us to borrow equity with their audience to connect the brand with The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation through compelling and emotional story telling. 

Our product was seamlessly integrated into 11 episodes of premium programming across four different properties, including The Social and ETalk. The branded integrations weaved in messages to promote the special and Cashmere’s commitment to the breast cancer cause.  

To ensure we occupied key points of consumption, we produced over 50 unique ad formats!  On TV, we ran billboards and created 2 x :15 promotional spots. Within digital and social, we had pre-roll, display and organic and paid social posts. We had a large format digital OOH billboards and Bell talent promoted the event across their socials. Each piece of content had a synergistic look and feel creating maximum impact in market and elevating the brand to new and exciting heights. 


Our primetime TV Show and promotional elements were a massive success. We reached 11.5MM Canadians which is 30% of the entire country!  

Amazingly, the TV special delivered a comparable audience to that of Bell’s long-time, primetime programming in a similar timeslot.   And the audience was engaged. Viewership was maintained after the first act through to the end of the program.  

By driving Canadians online to vote for their favourite Cashmere tissue dress, we drove the highest amount of traffic to our voting page in Cashmere Collection’s 18-year history and our CTR was 2.3 higher than platform average! 

Not only did we deliver a program that satisfied client objectives, but we delivered incremental value and significant growth for the property.  

Who knew that bathroom tissue could be so exciting!? 

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