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What makes a Wavemaker?

What makes a Wavemaker?
Our attitude of Positive Provocation.

It’s in our DNA. It’s how we grow our clients and ourselves. We foster it by empowering every one of our people with knowledge, challenge and support.


‘The deep knowledge I have of my client's business.'


‘The confidence to challenge what’s gone before.’


‘The support to go further than I thought possible.’

Since I started I have really been impressed at how we all share knowledge with each other. I have challenged myself to further develop my digital skills and become a hybrid strategist"

Cheryl Dube, Business Unit Head, Strategy, South Africa

Through UNITE, I've been given space to have powerful conversations across all levels of Wavemaker's business to create impactful change for LGBTQ+ people within our own workforce and across the broader community"

Devon Esper, Strategy Manager, US

The connection that Wavemaker has globally has given me the opportunity to not only learn and develop my knowledge but also to challenge myself one step further"

Jeehun Kim, Media Planner, South Korea

Wavemaker has given me the opportunity to grow in a role that I'm passionate about in both The Philippines and Canada. While starkly different from each other, the supportive and warm culture remained the same... making me feel like I'm home"

Karen Vera, Director, Insights & Strategy, Canada

Our annual Keep, Growing challenge is the ultimate opportunity for everyone at Wavemaker to positively provoke inside our network. To challenge our minds and grow together!"

Ricardo Brasil, Head of Social, Portugal

Women@Wavemaker challenges and helps us all to push for equal gender rights in our company, making it a place where everyone can bring their true self to work"

Camilla Bruggen, Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Through Wavelets, a uniquely China initiative, we empower our young and passionate talent to challenge the whole company to live our culture with energy and creativity"

Connie Gong, Marketing Manager, China

Be it our Keep, Growing Challenge or Home Hackathons, Wavemaker challenges all of us to try new things, develop our potential in new areas, and gives us the opportunity to take a risk"

Devyani Bhaskar, Planning Executive, India

As a member of Enable, our mission is to create an equitable working environment for everyone, irrespective of their neurological, psychological, or physical differences"

Andreea Rashid, Data & Technology Partner, UK

Wavemaker unlocks opportunities for me to grow, gain knowledge, challenge me to elevate my potential and also provide support relating to the existing responsibilities of my duties"

Lidya Mustamu, Office and Marketing Manager, Indonesia

Wavemaker gives the opportunity to make an impact in a way that makes sense to you. Through Wavemaker Roots I've been able to bring the conversation of cultural diversity & inclusion to a level I'm not sure I'd have access to on my own"

Obinna Iwuji, Content Manager, Global

Culture is at the core of Wavemaker’s ethos and for that very reason I was empowered to pioneer RQTEKT, a Wavemaker event series that builds community through celebrating diversity and inclusion through elevated experiences"

Porscha Scott, Associate Director, Marketing & Events, US

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Wavemaker embraces all kinds of difference - different voices, the other angle, the counter point. Together, we are positively provocative. That’s how we grow.

Our five commitments


We will listen continuously to the perspectives, experiences and feedback of our people, so that our actions are representative of the society around us, considered and decisive.

We will educate our leaders about the importance of D&I to our people and our business; and build understanding of their own impact

We will act decisively & with courage to alleviate bias and discrimination in every market in our network, and judge our clients and our partners on their own actions

We will set and measure clear goals for D&I across our business, globally and locally, and hold our leaders to account in delivering them

We will be vocal on what D&I means to Wavemaker both internally and externally, and amplify the voices of all of our people

Our global framework sets out our actions, goals and KPIs. The framework has been adapted by each market to ensure a consistent, coherent, locally relevant approach"

Anna Hickey
EXCO sponsor
Camilla Bruggen
Global Head Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Global Leadership
Toby Jenner
Wavemaker Global CEO and Global President, GroupM Clients
As the Global CEO of Wavemaker and Global President, GroupM Clients, Toby is an inspirational leader who consistently motivates others to exceed expectations. He’s passionate about positively provoking growth for brands and people, leveraging the Wavemaker network  that is powered by a team of 7,200 people in 88 countries.
Client Leadership
Regional Leadership
Global Capabilities
Shipra Roy
Global Chief People, Inclusion and Culture Officer