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Alipay makes serious bank on Bilibili

Unlike previous companies that collaborated with Bilibili content creators to sell items, Alipay became a content creator itself and revitalised the online finance sector by utilising the platform where young people gather and share.

To celebrate World Reading Day and as Bilibili is the platform with the most youthful and sharable content, Alipay has used the famous emoji star ‘Grandpa Nice’ Michael Rosen, whose real identity is a writer, to discuss life and death. It is a humorous perspective on life that establishes a spiritual connection between the company and young people.

Bilibili is now a location for sharing entertainment content and, more crucially, a learning environment for young people as well. Alipay triggers the actions of fun learning through working with ‘Grandpa Nice’, and then penetrates the audience with his life experience and book interview, thereby rapidly gaining fans and strengthening the brand’s relationship with young users.

Such a simple video interview resulted in 4.375 million video views and 774,000 user interactions (realtime comments/likes/coins/favourites) on Bilibili, as well as a ranking of 19th on the site.

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