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Anmuxi adds flavour to Tmall for Double Eleven

One of the most important ecommerce shopping festivals in China, the Double Eleven Festival, is coming. To achieve better results, brands are becoming smarter and now understand the beneficial contribution of the official store and live streaming of Tmall – a platform which is a giant in online shopping.

While Tmall’s live streaming mechanism is popular with audiences, they are experiencing aesthetic fatigue, as brands quickly jump on this popular communication style. Ahead of Double Eleven – China’s biggest shopping holiday – Anmuxi, the hugely popular yoghurt brand, has launched a new live streaming campaign called ‘Flavor of Chengdu’, innovatively shifting live streaming to the outdoors – an approach built from research of young consumers’ habits and an evolved live streaming scene.

Following the pandemic, there has been increased intent from brands and audiences looking for new ways to connect in person, outdoors. Anmuxi seized this trend and localised their marketing efforts. The brand launched a limited Chengdu package for the campaign – one of China’s most populous cities – to increase local interest, as well as partnering with key influencers who livestreamed their enjoyment of the package.

Anmuxi conducted the first regional food live streaming activity in the city of Yanji on 618 this year – China’s second-largest shopping holiday – with significant results. The activity dominated the success of yogurt brands on Tmall and asoared to the top of live streaming rankings.

On the day of the two-hour livestream, Anmuxi reached over 140,000 views, and the brand plans to conduct two live broadcasts in the southern and eastern districts in the future.

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