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Be & Cheery snatch growth with healthy snacks

Pepsico-owned healthy snack brand Be & Cheery’s insight-led strategy of precise asymmetrical marketing on Little Red Book (AKA as RED or Xiaohongshu in Chinese) is a prime example of how to snatch growth in a highly competitive snacks market.

Looking to establish itself as the go-to snack for young Chinese consumers, Be & Cheery chose RED as the platform to promote its health-conscious products, such as low-calorie boneless chicken fingers and zero-additive Daily Nuts – both popular with female consumers. Over 70% of RED’s users are health-conscious Gen X and Zs. The company’s scenario-driven content co-creation with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and Key Opinion Consumers (KOC) found a perfect outlet to sustain growth with constant conversion of insight into strategy.

At a time when most snacks brands are racing to see who can add more to ingredient lists and product packaging, Be & Cheery opted for the less-is-more approach, based on data-backed consumer demand. They placed their healthy snacks in the spotlight, including those with zero preservatives, food colouring or lower sugar content, in RED’s live-streaming channels and via KOC marketing. The company successfully accentuated its own brand image, at the same time distinguishing itself as the ‘healthy deductor’.

Daily Nuts improved its search index by more than 170%, showing that Be & Cheery has clearly moved much closer to its goal of becoming the go-to snack for Chinese snackers.

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