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Bulgari and Douyin’s provocation for shoppers

Together with Douyin, Bulgari, one of the world’s most iconic luxury fashion houses, explored the next phase of growth for luxury brands on the app, tapping into user interest and platform-to-platform bespoke ads.

The global luxury goods market is set to achieve a year-on-year growth rate of 9% in 2023, and online content platforms are important channels in positively provoking new and existing consumers. Douyin has gradually become one of the most lucrative arenas for luxury marketing, with an estimated 150 million users tapping into the luxury arena.

Despite this meteoric rise, most luxury brands have not opened brand stores on Douyin, but generally on WeChat or Tmall – platforms where users can purchase. If brands want to link their ads to purchase, support from both platforms is necessary, and Bulgari has revolutionised Douyin’s open screen ads, which now connect to WeChat’s shopping platform.

These open screen ads can be heavily customised and help brands reach their target users much quicker than rival platforms’ infrastructure. Bulgari’s open screen ad with a sliding icon is the first tailor-made style for Douyin. After engaging with the icon, users jump directly to the landing page of WeChat’s shopping platform.

This is a great business example of a win-win activation between platforms, and brands willing to embrace a challenge. Its timely launch will undoubtedly find success in the upcoming Double Eleven holiday. What was the result? Through the extreme flow of Douyin open screen ads, passive audience crowd increased by 937%, and light interaction crowd increased by 1027%, with daily average brand search for Bulgari increasing by 38%.

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