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Burt’s Bees & RED capitalise on seasonal change

During the seasonal change of winter to spring (the peak period of searches for high-frequency keyword ‘lip balm’), American personal care brand, Burt’s Bees, got to the core of brand marketing and strategically launched products on Little Red Book (RED), successfully awakening the lapse brand users.

By assessing the paths users explore before purchasing products in e-commerce channels, Burt’s Bees found that most users make their purchase decision after searching keywords and making comprehensive analyses.

As a leading search-based social media platform, focussed on beauty products for younger generations, RED can route traffic to e-commerce platforms through content recommendation.

The first step is to increase brand visibility in user feeds. When the brand is showcased naturally in a user’s feed, brand recognition strengthens and can yield exceptional results. From here, a simultaneous launch plan through off-site e-commerce channels boosts engagement and sales.

Burt’s Bees campaign strategy can be highlighted as follows:

  • Branding strategy: Market the brand through compelling content and copy, which in turn will help strengthen the promotion of any singular product. The intermixed use of the ‘bee’ symbol increases product exposure and enriches brand awareness.
  • Best-sale formula: Collect the three elements of ‘iconic products, clear character setting, anchored scene’ to entice users into engaging with a post or product.

The average daily search for the branded term ‘Burt’s Bees lip balm’ increased by more than seven times during the campaign and the growth rate of brand attention markedly exceeded the category, yielding excellent results.

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